понедельник, 29 июля 2013 г.

New original business Ideas

   In the preceding pages I have written to You my new business idea for free. Today, ready to offer you the most original, interesting, profitable.  Thus it is possible to earn on them from $ 150 000 to $ 1 million per month (net income), depending on the industry. To have information about it will be just You. The cost of a business idea is only $ 4,9. Set of five - $ 15.


1) How to use the forest resources of Russia and earn from $ 150,000 per month (net profit) to foreign companies ?
2) What is a profitable business can be organized in India (Net income of $ 200,000 per month)?
3) What new firm associated with the structures of health care will be original and not standard in the market? (Income $ 350,000 per month).
4) For what purposes you can use the underground site and receive a monthly net income of  $ 1,000,000?
5) Where to open a bakery and have loyal customers?
6) How to create a website for profitable traffic by interacting with the government?
7) What kind of old magazines are well-forgotten technical ideas from different industries?
8) New items for everyday life comfortable apartments and town houses. Interesting?
9) What are the pitfalls and how to avoid them in the conduct of building a profitable business in Russia?
New ideas are constantly being developed. Write what interested the industry. I will be glad to answer you any questions. Thanks in advance.
Send in Russian (native language) and English (sorry, still learning the language - I write with mistakes).
 My email address is: Alexeybirukov@mail.ru

Together, let us open the door to future business.Mind, emotions, perseverance, work - will win the world!

понедельник, 8 июля 2013 г.

Business in Russia and out

  Business in Russia.
Opening coffehouses in the metro or near to St. Petersburg (Russia). For example, I want to work before or after the coffee? They are negligible. Business Opportunity? Especially if you create a cozy atmosphere. The flow of visitors is huge. (St. Petersburg is home to about 5.1 million people).

Beer. Where a wide range of imported original vintage beer. Net.Pochemu it would not open breweries. The demand is great!

Zoo outdoors with animals almost at will! Open in Russia. As in Sweden, for example, Kolmaden. We do not have that. Close the zoo would have attracted attention from various cities of our great country.

Business in the global sphere.

Why not create tours for ordinary people in the underwater world of sunken ships and other antiquities? Those interested can find! Just give it publicity.

The restaurant on the balloon or airship? Exotic! Originally!

Why not develop tourism in Syria? Especially resorts by the sea?

понедельник, 1 июля 2013 г.

Exciting new business ideas

Tired of traffic jams and overcrowding on public transport! Let's solve this problem ....

• Aerial ropeway with trams.
• Above-ground pipes, pumps with air or water to move people into "capsules." Pipes may be arranged with a slope to ensure the required water flow.
• Benefits for public transport in the transplant with his car.

Produce energy from natural phenomena!? It can give a warm interior of volcanoes, geysers, fireballs? Let's try to do this? A rolling stone gathers no moss.

• If you enter the map week visit for shoppers with a proportional discount. More often than once a week trip to the store - the greater the discount. Profitable and shop and customers!
• Free hot drink in the cold, cool in the heat in exchange for viewing advertising in the magazine with comfortable chairs. Good!

Real estate in Russia.
• Currently in the Leningrad region dropped the price of land by 10-12% compared with the previous three years. You can buy them and build houses. Benefit from the sale of which will be 22-25%.

These and other ideas will appear here. If still paying for it? I hope for further cooperation. I can share the secret.

Sorry for the bad English, I only teach it.